Flavours of Rajasthan - Traditional Rajasthani Recipes

Flavours of Rajasthan – Traditional Rajasthani Recipes

Rajasthani Cuisine is quite different from every other Indian cuisines. Rajasthani dishes are usually very spicy, famous among in India, in world and will tingle your taste buds. So Here is the 5 famous food of Rajasthan. 

5 Famous Food of Rajasthan / 5 Traditional Rajasthani Recipes

The land of kings having beautiful palaces also has lip-smacking food that has been traditionally adapted according to the availability of vegetables and water in the arid region. The tradition of hunting of the warriors (Rajputs) and lifestyle of the local warriors influenced the cuisine in Rajasthan inventing innovative dishes that will surely insist you to lick the plate.

A combination of ingredients that can last long, preservatives like oil and chili and the easily available vegetables like dried lentils and beans can make delicious cuisine. Use of milk and buttermilk is also used commonly in the dishes. Here’s a list of some dishes that truly represents the flavour of Rajasthan.

  • Dal Baati Churma

    Traditional Rajasthani Recipes, Famous Food of Rajasthan, 5 Rajasthan Recipe

    Daal Baati Churma – A Traditional Rajasthani Recipes

It is the signature dish of Rajasthan and if you are a foodie, it is hard that you have not heard about it. The specialty of this dish is that it hardly requires any water for its preparation. The Baati is made up of grounded wheat cooked in ghee and Jiggery or sugar. This is served with dal made of dried lentils.

  • Laal Mans

    Traditional Rajasthani Recipes, Famous Food of Rajasthan, 5 Rajasthan Recipe

    Lal Mans – For who like to Eat some Spicy Food

Laal mans meaning red meat is a delicious non-vegetarian dish in the predominantly vegetarian state. It got its name from the red color that is the result of the spices involved in making the dish. It was traditionally made by using the meat of deer or boar but now it is prepared using mutton. This spicy dish is prepared in low heat with a fiery sauce of red chilies, garlic paste, sliced onions and curds.

  • Ker Sangri

    Ker Sangri is a traditional Rajasthani dish made with dried ker berry and sangri beans

Ker Sangri is one of famous and Traditional Rajasthani Recipes :- The two main ingredients of this popular Rajasthani dish are Ker, a wild berry known for its tangy and peppery taste and Sangri, a type of long beans that grow abundantly in the desert. It is either cooked in buttermilk or water. It has the history that this dish was first made when there was drought and local people took the sangria to cook it will oil and spice. It tastes best when served with Bajra Rotis.

  • Raab

    5 Famous Food of Rajasthan / 5 Traditional Rajasthani Recipes

    5 Famous Food of Rajasthan / 5 Traditional Rajasthani Recipes

Raab is a Traditional Rajasthani Recipes from Maharaja’s times –  It is the broth made with millet( Bajra) flour and fermented buttermilk.  It is prepared by heating both the ingredients in an earthen pot in low flame for a long time until fully cooked.  It forms a thick sauce that is eaten usually as soup. It can also be cooked using corn kernels in a similar process and the dish is called “Makki ki Raab” or corn raab.

  • Ghevar

    5 Famous Food of Rajasthan / 5 Traditional Rajasthani Recipes

    Ghevar is a traditional Rajasthani sweet delicacy prepared during festivals like Diwali, Teej, Holi and Raksha bandhan

A sweet Famous & Traditional Rajasthani Recipes and every Indian meals are incomplete without a sweet dish. Ghever is the traditional dessert of the desert. It is essentially a flour disc soaked in ghee and milk and cooked to make up a crunchy dessert that is topped with sliced almonds. Over the years, the people of Rajasthan have created a variety of plain, Mawa(condensed milk) and Malai (cream) Ghevar.

If you love traveling and you are a foodie, you should not miss out any of these authentic dishes of Rajasthan. We appreciate the people of Rajasthan for cooking such innovative dishes with constantly restricted resources.


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