Freedom? Still a Distant Dream

Freedom? Still a Distant Dream

Being a girl living with people having orthodox thinking, I am not allowed to DREAM. Before actually talking about dream let us know the meaning of the dream. Dream for some people is their aspiration to become something, live life that they want, to get rich and many more. But for me, dream is a place where I don’t need to face any boundations while talking, thinking, and acting. Girls like me are only allowed to dream of their better half’s and the life after marriage. We girls do not know what a dream of an independent girl looks like.

In today’s environment, I have seen one thing that is very common that people advice to each other that they should give freedom to their girls but when it comes to them, they do not allow it. Today I want to ask this question, WHAT ARE YOU AFRAID OF? I mean seriously what are you afraid of, you daughter, wife, girlfriend, sister is not a treasure that anyone will steal it from you. Just like boys we too have the right to live our life just the way we want. Isn’t this unjustified that in a family, a boys is sent abroad for higher education and the girl is not even allowed to go out of town.

Dear Men,

We all have the same heart, mind and body and we know our right and wrong. Please stop holding our growth back in the name of protecting us. Your barriers sometimes let us choke and feel insecure in our own skin. Instead of raising your daughter SAFELY, raise her CONFIDENTLY.

Set her FREE and Watch her FLY!!

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