Pink City of India – Jaipur

The city of pink and city of kings, Although you’ll find many royal history all across the country but here in Jaipur, royalty is in DNA.
A city where the royal family is still royal and their kingdom thrives with Ghevar and Til Ke Ladoo.

Call us crazy but we do start flying kites from December. We are guilty of celebrating Sakrant like it’s last of our life, with a little myth of dressing up to secure our beauty for next life.

Women wearing Bhandage worship goddess Gauri on Gangaur to get a fearless husband like the Shiv. It’s safe to say we do believe in the concept of a soulmate and eternal love 
Then there’s our excessive love for Daal Baati and Churma which you can find even in our shrines as prasad or Rajbhog in 5-star hotels.
Now that we’re talking about shrines, this walled city can also be known as Chotti Kashi to you. From legends of Govind Dev Ji to Uche Parvat Waali, we didn’t let any diety feel left out. 
Though we don’t own any end of any river, ocean or lake, we have our own Shahi Jal Mahal which is ofcourse a palace in midst of a lake. With the sea of sand and colorful elephants, you can see somewhere at distance some friends dancing Kaalbeliya wearing black Livaas and excitement.

Not every jaipurite has been inside the Hawamahal but we take pride in knowing that our queens had their own summer palace. When you’re at top of Nahargarh in rains or at sunrise with Rani pink sky, I challenge you to stop yourself from saying Jaane Kyaa Dikh Jaye.

Pink city of India - Jaipur

City Palace

We got literature festival for book enthusiast, weekend parties for young at heart, GVD dairy for poor study burden student and Tapri Ki Chai for every pink soul 

And of course Statue ki coffee for every night owl.
I know you might be thinking that all this city does is party hard and worship harder and yes you’re right. She never gets tired and loose her spirit and whenever you visit her you’ll see her saying Padharo Mhare Desh.

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