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Rajasthani Weddings – Feel The Royalty With Every Ritual

Rajasthani Weddings – Feel The Royalty With Every Ritual: jewelery-Rajasthan is known all around the world for its magnificent lifestyle and rich cultural heritage. Royalty is a word closely associated with Rajasthan. Be it the culture, food, or clothing, Rajasthan stands apart in terms of style and opulence. No wonder then, the weddings of Rajasthan are a grand affair! People from across the world come to experience the treat of a Royal Rajasthani wedding.

Rajasthani Wedding Turbans

Rajasthani Wedding Turbans

The traditional dance, music, gorgeous wedding jewelry, wedding rituals are mesmerizing for any spectator. The splendor of the wedding costume reflects an exclusive appeal. A proper Rajasthani wedding has a number of pre-wedding, wedding day as well as post-wedding customs that are rooted in their ancient traditions.

Pre Wedding Rituals
The engagement ceremony is the first ritual, which is performed at the groom’s house. Only the male members of the bride’s family visit the groom’s place for the ceremony. The bride’s brother applies Tilak on the groom’s forehead and gives him gifts.

Sagai Dastoor

Sagai Dastoor

Tilak Dastoor

Tilak Dastoor

After this, the Ganapati Sthapna & Griha Shanti ceremony is held, wherein the bride and the groom’s family perform havan and install the idol of Lord Ganesha. The next is the Pithi Dastoor, in which the bride and the groom are applied turmeric paste.


Pithi Dastoor

Sangeet or Mehfils form an integral part of the wedding celebrations. Both men and women have their own mehfils, wherein they sing and dance.

Sangeet Ceremony

Sangeet Ceremony

This is followed by Mayera Dastoor custom, as per which the maternal uncles of the bride and the groom distributes gifts in the house. Another important ritual is Janev, in which the groom is made to wear a white thread. Before wearing a three stranded holy thread (“Janev”), the groom pretends to run away from the marital bounds while his maternal uncle persuades him to lead a married life. By wearing the Janev, the bridegroom indicates that he is ready for marriage. Subsequently, the Palla Dastoor is conducted, wherein the bride worships Goddess Gauri.

Wedding Rituals
On the wedding day, the Baraat visits the bride’s house. It is a regal procession, which does not involve any dancing. The entrance to the Wedding location has a Toran or Dhukav. On arrival, the bridegroom hits the Toran with a Sword or Neem Stick after which the mother of the bride does an Aarti and applies Tilak to his forehead.


Toran Ceremony

This wedding ritual is performed to ward off the “evil eye”.He then proceeds towards the mandap. During the complete ceremony, the bride covers her face with a long veil. From the groom’s side, only one male member accompanies him.

When the bride and groom meet, they exchange garlands made of flowers. After the Jaimala marriage custom, the couple is led to the wedding Mandap.




When they reach to mandap, a cloth around the groom’s waist is tied to the bride’s bridal Saree or Vesh. This is Granth Bandhan or Gathjoda. After this, the bride places her hand in her future husband’s hand and holy water is poured into it. This is Paanigrahan.

Paanigrahan Sanskar

Paanigrahan Sanskar

The bride sits to the left of the groom. After this bride’s father performs Kanyadan which is the Hindu marriage ritual where the bride’s father symbolically hands over his daughter to her husband. The priest lights the Havan and starts chanting marriage prayers. For the Pheras or Saptapadi, the bride and groom walk around the holy fire and each makes a promise to the other after every round which is known as Phera.

Phera or Saptpadi Ritual

Phera or Saptapadi Ritual

Four relatives at the four corners of the Mandap hold up swords while this wedding ceremony is being performed. After the Pheras are complete, the bride sits on the right of her husband. This is called Vamang Sthapna. In the Seer Guthi ritual, the husband puts red Sindoor in his wife’s center hair parting (Maang).

Seer Guthi

Seer Guthi

Post Wedding Rituals
After the wedding, the bride and the groom leave for their marital home, this ritual is known as Vidaai.



A coconut is placed under the wheel of the car, as the bride unveils herself in front of her husband. Usually, at this point of time, the groom gifts her a piece of jewelry. On arrival at the groom’s house, his family welcomes the newly wed couple. This is called the Grihapravesh custom.

Griha Pravesh

Griha Pravesh

The next day after the Grihapravesh, Pagelagni tradition is followed. According to this custom, all the members of the groom’s family are introduced to the new bride and they present her with gifts.

Rajasthani Wedding Dresses and Jewelry                                                                   A bride wears a Lahanga, Vesh, Odhani, Kurti or Poshak. The ornaments worn by a Rajasthani Bride are the Rakhdi on her forehead, the Sheesphulas headgear, the aad as a thick neck hanging, the Baju above her elbow (on arms), the “poonchis” and “bangdis” as thick golden bangles in arms, “hathfools” on hands and the Payjeb as anklets.

Traditional Rajasthani grooms wear a “Sherwani” or “Achkan” with a “Dupatta” and Rajasthani “Jooties” (shoes). On their head, they wear a “Pagdi/Safa” (turban) and a “Shera”. Rajput bridegrooms from Rajasthan usually carry a sword for their wedding.

Rajasthan As Wedding Destination                                                                   Marriages may be made in heaven, but many are surely billed in Rajasthan. From Bollywood and Hollywood celebrities to famous Industrialists, everyone is attracting towards organizing their wedding in Rajasthan.

A Royal Wedding At Chomu Palace

A Royal Wedding At Chaumu Palace

Rajasthan is the most desired wedding destination for Foreigners.Here are some of the famous celebrities who got married in Rajasthan:

  • Vikram Chatwal and Priya Sachdev,
  • Arun Nayar and Liz Hurley,
  • Madonna and Guy Ritchie
  • Katy Perry and Russell Brand and much more…

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